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About Us

The Big Johnson Co. offers quality, tasteless, yet suggestive gifts for him.  Whether it’s our golf drivers, hammer or clothing, we aim to put a smile on your face and provide you with a lifetime of laughs and conversation.   Our golf equipment and tools are uncompromising in quality, conversation fodder and bad taste.  If you need a gift idea for him, the guy who has everything (or maybe nothing), look no further.  Contrary to what he tells you, he doesn’t have The Big Johnson.

We started this adventure in 2010 out of our garage because we think that everyone could use The Big Johnson in some form or fashion.  Ok…. well, we really started it because we thought it was funny, our friends encouraged us to launch the company and we wanted to learn web marketing and e-commerce.  We are a family business that believes in customer service, quality products and lastly, humor.   Please contact us if you aren’t 100% satisfied, have any questions or would like to suggest new product ideas.

We also sell wholesale to retailers.  In addition to stocking the normal brands, why don’t you stock something that differentiates you from the rest?  The Big Johnson is competitively priced, great sell through and unmatched customer service.  Please contact us at

If you are an independent sporting goods or hardware sales representative interested in repping The Big Johnson, please contact us at

Guarantee and Returns Policy:
We guarantee the Big Johnson product will work for its intended purpose. If your Big Johnson arrives damaged or if you are not completely satisfied with the quality please return it to us in its original packaging.  We will return your purchase no questions asked.

If you would like to return your faulty Big Johnson, please email us at for shipping instructions. 

We are not responsible for damages caused by incorrect use, handling, or abuse of the item. Upon receipt of the faulty product we will send you a replacement, unless a refund is requested at the time of the returns request.