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The Proposal

So you’ve jumped off the cliff and asked her to marry you. She’s ecstatic…you’re wondering what the hell you just did. The future Mother- in- Law and your Bride to be are in full wedding planning mode. You’re dragged into every decision and asked for your opinion when in fact all you really can think about is whether there will be strippers or not at the bachelor party. Take it from us, although it sounds like a good idea, it usually doesn’t end up good.

We here at The Big Johnson highly recommend a golf outing coupled with copious amounts of beer, cigars and gambling, either for your bachelor party or just to take the edge off the day before (or if you’re really adventurous, the day of the wedding). A round of golf with your buddies, best man and groomsmen is definitely the answer

Now guys, as you approach the big day, something you should think about is a gift for the best man and the Groomsmen. Of course we might be a little biased, but what better gift to give on that golf outing than The Big Johnson golf driver. It’s funny, a great conversation piece and a really good club that hits as far and straight as those expensive TaylorMade, Titleist and Calloway drivers. When you need to hit it straight and long, pull out The Big Johnson.

…and best of luck in your future.

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