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The Big Johnson Golf Driver

The perfect gift for him! The Big Johnson “Original” is among the best golf drivers for impressing the ladies and your buddies and is quickly becoming a favorite gift for guys. The Big Johnson Golf Driver is engineered for maximum head speed and impact efficiency and durability. You can “whack” it as fast, hard and long as you want. Although size doesn’t matter (yeah right), the traditionally weighted 460cc club head provides amazing forgiveness when you can’t quite find the groove. Custom graphite shafts, available in Stiff and Rock Hard, are polished and balanced by Swedish supermodels (as far as you know) to ensure the appropriate stiffness and feel without reducing head sensitivity. Available in 9.5, 10 and 10.5 loft and includes the soft and supple Big Johnson head cover. Offers maximum protection and built for your pleasure not hers.
Seriously, this club will impress even the most avid golfer. It’s just as good as any other $200-$300 club you’ll find at the pro shop. And friends will be impressed when you step on the tee box with this club and drive it further and straighter than the others in your foursome.

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